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URRATSBAT model for entreprenorial education - Spain
EntrepreneurSchool model - Finland
EUREKA JUNIOR Entrepreneurship Project Model - Portugal

Within our European project, Entrepreneurschool is the "acronim" for design, improvement and development of methodology and a guidebook for developing the values and dynamics of the entrepreneurship among our students.

How are we going to generate these entrepreneurial competences in our society?

There are several ways to work on this direction. We are going to use the educational system, and more specifically the Vocational Training System.

How are we going to work in the Vocational Training System?

Creating specific Didactic Material in entrepreneurship for teachers. To accomplish this result we want to implement the following project among 6 partners from 5 European countries: “Design, Improvement and development of methodology and a guidebook for developing the values and dynamics of the Entrepreneurship among our students.”

The project has got three phases:

1- Need analysis for developing this project. Checking the necessities for the teachers and studying three different entrepreneurship models implemented in Spain, Portugal and Finland.
2- Development of the Didactic Material.
3- Pilot Project implementation. The partners will use the Didactic Material and a CD ROM will be edited gathering the Didactic Material.

If we want to create entrepreneur competences in our students, we must train and provide our teachers with specific knowledge and material for the development of the teaching/learning process in terms of entrepreneur competences. Based on this necessities, one of the results of our product will be Didactic Material for teachers. This Didactic Material will allow trainers to introduce the values and dynamics of the entrepreneurship in the school starting with creative/innovative tools and finishing with the Enterprise. Some people will consider there are a lot of manuals for entrepreneurship, but our Didactic Material will be specific for development of the entrepreneurship in Vocational Training Schools.

The Didactic Material will be the result of taking into account the already verified and successful experiences in Portugal, Finland and Spain and besides other European countries(Romania,Latvia) will contribute with their commitment implementing this Didactic Material in their respective schools/organizations during the project(3rd phase:Pilot Project implementation). So, these two last countries will become aware of the importance of entrepreneurship and could be the leading agents in this countries expanding the message of entrepreneurship in their countries.This is the second result of the project: to make aware of the importance of promoting the entrepreneurship to these two partners.

The Entrepreneurschool project partners:

  • Fundación para la Formación Técnica en Máquina Herramienta. IMH - Spain
  • TKNIKA - Spain
  • Liepajas 31. Arodvidusskola - Latvia
  • Learn4u Consultoria, Lda - Portugal
  • TEHNE - Centrul pentru Dezvoltare si Inovare in Educatie - Romania

More information about this project can be found at:

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