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Multidisciplinary surveys concerning the added-value of the intelligent educational software for effective learning (SEFIN)

SEFIN project intends to study and develop intelligent educational software with the goal of showing the impact of the instructional strategies assisted by computer on the achievement of learning objectives.

The target groups of the project are students in upper-secondary education, grouped in high-schools forming a representative sample.

The main activities of the project consist in the realization of the investigation in selected schools, the development of the educational software package, testing the elearning application and their adaptation.

Nowadays, every school has basic IT labs, and the usage of the basic functions of computers is rather satisfactory. Nevertheless, the scientific literature stresses the need for using the real potential of computers, able to discharge the teacher from daily, repeated activities. Therefore, there exists a real demand for the development of intelligent interactive applications for learning, able to provide to pupils the chance to obtain better school results in their own learning manner.

SEFIN project aims to promote in the current educational practiceintelligent educational softwares. The goal is to increase the impact of CAE (Computer Assisted Education) strategies in the achivement of the curricular objectives.

The innovative dimension of the project consists of aiming to use the current technology for developing Intelligent Educational Software (IES) according to the computer assisted instruction requirements.

Active implication of partners in the project conducts to the realization method an university (UNIBUC University of Bucharest) with two faculties (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences), a company who coordinates the informatization project of the educational system in Romania and some countries in the region (SIVECO Romania S.A.), a non-governmental organization (TEHNE Centre for Innovation and Development in Education), together with all representatives of final beneficiaries: teaching staff in higher education and in pre-university education system, students, future teachers, research institutes, training institutions, NGOs.

On long term, through advancement and adoption of an innovative curricular construction, which favours quality, with large openness and social applicability, the project's results can significantly contribute and constitute an important premise for social, durable development, through increase of education system's efficiency.

SEFIN project partners:

  • University of Bucharest
  • TEHNE- Centre for Innovation and Development in Education
  • SIVECO Romania

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