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VEMUS - Virtual European Music School

A presentation movie can be found on the EURONEWS website:

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VEMUS is a project funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).

The VEMUS project started on October 2005 aiming to design, develop and evaluate an open, highly interactive, and networked multilingual music tuition framework for popular instruments and a set of innovative pedagogically-motivated e-learning components addressing different learning settings. A key goal of VEMUS is to contribute to strengthening the integration of the IST European Research Area, through the active participation of partners from new and associate Member States. To this end, the VEMUS Consortium includes 8 organizations from 6 countries, 3 of which are new or associate member states.

VEMUS will build on the knowledge and results of the successful IMUTUS project that delivered an efficient practicing environment for the recorder; it will extend the pedagogical and technological basis of IMUTUS to cover additional popular instruments, additional learning environments, and enhanced pedagogical scenarios. Preliminary validation activities carried out by IMUTUS clearly showed a strong potential for the concept and approach. VEMUS will scale-up validation activities to obtain more coherent and statistically meaningful results and to identify the critical factors for wider deployment.

The project partners:

  • ILSP: Institute for Language and Speech Processing
  • GRAME: Centre National de Creation Musicale
  • KTH: Royal Institute of Technology
  • EA: Ellinigermaniki Agogi
  • NAKAS: Philippos Nakas S.A.
  • MIKSIKE: Miksike LearningFolders Ltd.
  • TEHNE: Center for Innovation and Development in Education

Presentation (EN):

More about the project: www.vemus.org

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